What will I learn?

This course is part of a series developed to make you an accomplished amateur digital artist using nothing more than your Mac.

You will learn:

  1. What Vector Graphics in Keynote are (HINT: Pictures made of shapes)
  2. How to customize your Keynote toolbar for maximum efficiency
  3. All the tools you need to become an accomplished digital artist in Keynote
  4. How to create remixed, original backgrounds for use as stills or part of dynamic animations using the same strategies as the pros
  5. Transferable skills to other professional applications like adobe Illustrator and Photoshop (others courses to be released here soon.
  6. How to use clip art right in Keynote
  7. How to animate stories
  8. How to make original images based on inspiration and using "remix principles"
  9. How to record and save your animated stories as movie files for sharing
  10. How to put your Keynote movies into iMovie to add sound effects, background sounds and transitions

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